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Hi, to all my faithful followers… wow!  That doesn’t sound right!  How about, all my faithful BLOG followers?

A slight departure from my usual daily postings of images.  Fear not… I am still posting a new image every day.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to promote the e-book publication of APOSTLE RISING, the debut crime novel of a close friend and mentor, Richard Godwin.

Apostle Rising is a police procedural/psychological thriller of the first order… dark, twisted and suspenseful. Richard gives nothing away in his narrative… no red herrings… no leading one down the garden path. From the very first page, one knows this is not going to be a pretty ride. Richard’s writing has a dark, sinister feel that, for fans of crime/horror, is irresistible to put down and impossible to ignore. His rich, dark, imaginative prose draws one in much like one of those water vortices in the northern Atlantic… undeniably powerful and compelling.

Apostle Rising is how [Stephen] King would write if he did noir… the relentless, escalating horror of Richard’s deftly written prose leaves one on the edge… breathless… having serious second thoughts perhaps, about taking that evening walk unaccompanied.

Engrossing, beautifully written horror… with the technical detail of a first class police procedural, Apostle Rising is a `must-read’ for any fan of crime fiction or horror.

Master of the horror/psychological thriller, Richard Godwin’s debut crime novel, Apostle Rising is now available on Amazon for the Kindle, as well as in trade paperback.  The e-book contains some exciting extras:  an extract from Mr. Glamour, Richard’s bestselling second novel, and a series of deliciously dark Noir stories.

If you live in the United States, the price of countless sleepless nights is only $3.24 –

APOSTLE RISING for the Kindle – US Amazon

If the United Kingdom is where you hang your hat and have a ‘cuppa’, a mere £2.05 will send shivers down your spine –

APOSTLE RISING for the Kindle – UK Amazon

EPUB versions will be out for your Nooks, Kobos and all other eReaders by 31 August.  Click here  for buy links.

And, if you like a bit more weight in your hands (I love the feel of a book in my hands, so I have both the paperback and the e-book), the trade paperback is also available –

APOSTLE RISING in Paperback – US Amazon

APOSTLE RISING in Paperback –  UK Amazon

You can find out more about Richard, as well as his Chin Wags At The Slaughterhouse interviews, at –


Richard isn’t just my friend and mentor, he is an amazingly talented writer and storyteller.  If you like horror, dark noir and heart-stopping psychological thrillers, Richard Godwin more than delivers!

Thank you.

Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw
30 August 2012
Cannon Beach, Oregon