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Portland, Oregon – Winter 2010



The Marquam Bridge, crossing the Willamette River in downtown Portland, Oregon, with the Ross Island Bridge in the background.  Picture was taken from the Hawthorne Bridge, just downstream from the Marquam.

This shot was taken with the Nikon L16 – f3.1, 1/160 sec, ISO-800, 7mm fl.  The day was heavily overcast and a light drizzle was falling, cutting distance visibility.  I pushed the contrast all the way on this one, trying to bring the lights out from the heavy mist.  As I pushed the contrast further, the reflections of the dock and bridge pilings on the water began to come out, as well as more of the bridge in the background.  Pushing the contrast this far really added to the granularity of the foreground, which I think adds to the mood of the photograph.  It also kicked the color balance out… again, something I think that only adds to the mood of the piece.


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