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Breaking news from Cruentus Libri Press

A slight departure from my usual ‘clutter’.  Today, I am posting the flyer for a horror anthology that will be going on sale February 20th, 2012.

‘100 Horrors’ is the ‘brainchild‘ of Kevin G Bufton and the ‘gang’ over at Cruentus Libri Press.

100 Horrors - Tales in the Blink of an Eye

One day a few months back, Kevin got this crazy idea of creating a horror anthology… with a slight twist.  Instead of a dozen or so of the kind of stories that make you dive for the covers (or that Glock under your pillow) when you hear those ‘bumps in the night’ – stories that run anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 words, Kevin wanted a whole bunch of tiny bits of jaw-clenching, pillow-clutching tales – no more than a hundred words – of horror to make you run screaming for your mother!

Be careful what you wish for, Kevin!  Bwaaahaaa!

‘100 Horrors’ is the result of Kevin’s quest for the best bits of horror in 100 words or less – one hundred of them!  I am honored to be included in what is certain to be one of the best-selling ‘bite-size’ horror anthologies in 2012.

The cover for this anthology, featuring 100 tiny little slices of horror from 100 slightly warped minds (mine included) was created by the talented and (even if only in his own mind – just kidding, Steve!) award-winning artist, Steve Upham, over at Screaming Dreams.

‘100 Horrors’ will be available for the Kindle ($2.99) at Amazon, and trade paperback ($9.99) at Cruentus Libri Press.

Thank you,

Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw (Veronica the Pajama Thief)

(The above images are reprinted with permission of the publisher, Kevin G. Bufton)

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