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On this date in history… January 30, 1826…

The Menai Suspension Bridge opens.  It is the world’s first modern suspension bridge, connecting the Isle of Anglesey to the northwest coast of Wales.

The Menai Suspension Bridge from a viewpoint on the A5 near the Britannia Bridge - attributed to Wiki user Bencherlite

The Menai Suspension Bridge (Welsh: Pont Grog y Borth) was designed by Thomas Telford and completed in 1826.

Menai Suspension Bridge in the evening - attributed to Wiki user Tickopa

A representation of the Menai Bridge is featured on the reverse of British one pound coins minted in 2005. The coin was designed by Edwins Ellis.

British One Pound Coin - 2005 - Menai Bridge

The Menai Bridge is mentioned in one of Lewis Carroll’s works –

White Knight to Alice:
“I heard him then, for I had just
completed my design,
To keep the Menai bridge from rust
By boiling it in wine.”

—”Haddocks’ Eyes”, Through the Looking-Glass, Lewis Carroll


Other suspension bridges –

Bodie Creek Suspension Bridge - Falkland Islands

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge - Canon City - Colorado - world's highest suspension bridge - attributed to photographer Sanborn

Clifton Suspension Bridge - Bristol GB

Golden Gate Suspension Bridge

Tsing Ma Suspension Bridge - Hong Kong

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