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On this date in music history… January 28, 1985…

USA For Africa – “WE ARE THE WORLD” was recorded.



We are the World was written in 1985 by Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

USA for Africa are: * Lionel Richie (There Comes…) * Lionel Richie & Stevie Wonder (when the world…) * Stevie Wonder (there are people dying…) * Paul Simon (oh, and it’s time to lend a hand) * Paul Simon & Kenny Rogers (the greatest gift of all) * Kenny Rogers (we can’t go on…) * James Ingram (that someone somewhere…) * Tina Turner (we are all a part of…) * Billy Joel (and the truth…) * Billy Joel & Tina Turner (love is all we need) * Michael Jackson (We are the world…) * Diana Ross (there’s a choice…) * Michael Jackson & Diana Ross (It’s true we’ll make a better day…) * Dionne Warwick (Well, send them your heart…) * Dionne Warwick & Willie Nelson (lives will be stronger and free…) * Willie Nelson (As god has shown us…) * Al Jarreau (And so we all must lend a helping hand) * Bruce Springsteen (We are the world…) * Kenny Loggins (We are the ones to make…) * Steve Perry (there’s a choice we’re making…) * Daryl Hall (Hall & Oates) (it’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me) * Michael Jackson (when you’re down and out…) * Huey Lewis (but if you just believe…) * Cyndi Lauper (well, let’s realise that a change…) * Kim Carnes (When we) * Kim Carnes & Huey Lewis (stand together as one) * (1 1/2 Refrains ALLE) * Bob Dylan (there’s a choice we’re making…) * (1 Refrain ALLE) * Ray Charles (there’s a choice we’re making) * Stevie Wonder & Bruce Springsteen (we are the world…) * Stevie Wonder (there’s a choice we’re making) * Refrains (Stevie Wonder & Bruce Springsteen) * Bruce Springsteen (there’s a choice we’re making) * (1 Refrain All) * James Ingram (we are the world) * Ray Charles (there’s a choice we’re making…)

Additional Artists: * Michael Boddicker (Synthesizers, Programming) * Paulinho da Costa (Percussion) * Louis Johnson (Bass) * Michael Omartian (Keyboards, Producer) * Greg Phillinganes (Keyboards) * John Robinson (Drums) * Ray Charles (Piano)

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