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On this date in aviation history… January 26, 1911…

Glenn H. Curtiss flies the first successful American seaplane.

1911 Curtiss Seaplane

Glenn H Curtiss (May 21, 1878 – July 23, 1930) was an American aviation pioneer and a founder of the U.S.aircraft industry.  Curtiss rose to fame by making the first officially witnessed flight in North America, winning a race at the world’s first international air meet in France, and making the first long-distance flight in the United States.

Glenn H Curtiss - Grande Semaine d'Aviation in France in 1909

His contributions in designing and building aircraft led to the formation of the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company, which later became part of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. Curtiss’ company built aircraft for the U.S. Army and Navy, and his experiments with seaplanes led to advances in naval aviation. Curtiss civil and military aircraft were predominant in the inter-war and World War II eras.

1918 Curtiss NC-4 Flying Boat

Curtis Reconnaissance Biplane

Curtiss Seaplane at USN Air Station

Experimental Curtiss float seaplane of 1911 with engine in hull driving the tractor screws by chain

Curtiss military aircraft being tested in College Park, Maryland circa 1912

Curtiss H-16 Flying Boat

Curtiss HS-2l Flying Boat

Curtiss Flying Boat

Curtiss Seaplane 1922

Curtiss SOC Scout Seaplane

US Navy 110211-N-2688M-142 - A functional replica of a Curtiss A-1 Triad seaplane- San Diego Bay

Other notable seaplanes and flying boats –

Armand Dufaux in the Dufaux 4 seaplane on Lake Geneva, December 1910

The world's first airworthy hydroplane, the French 1910 Le Canard - 1911 French Navy

A De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter float plane in West Coast Air livery - attributed to Wiki

A Twin Engine Grumman Mallard amphibian flying boat - attributed to Wiki user Meggar

An Arado Ar 196 naval floatplane - attributed to Wiki user Luftman07

Canadair CL-415 seaplane with retractable wheels-attributed to Wiki user Alexandru Rosu

Three Canadair CL-215 amphibious flying boats- attributed to Wiki user Alexandru Rosu

de Havilland Otter floatplane - attributed to Wiki

Grumman G-111 Albatross amphibious flying boat of Chalks International Airlines landing in Miami Harbor in March 1987 - attributed to Wiki user RuthAS

Seaplanes in Vancouver - attributed to Wiki user FreebirdBiker

Japanese Self Defence Force US-1A Flying Boat - attributed to Wiki user Megapixie

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