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I wrote this poem originally as an entry for Lilys’ Friday Prediction Challenge over at Lily Childs’ Feardom.  I consider Lily a mentor in my journey of exploration of horror and urban fantasy.  I hope you enjoy.

Carnelian Sky


By Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw

Mortar and pestle mix two into one,

Dark, bitter organia pinches the tongue.

Silent demons tell what must be done.


Do you understand my fate?

Running… then waiting… always too late.

The path I am given leads not to a gate.


‘Neath the vast carnelian sky,

Clouds of rose and red drifting by.

At my feet then does eternity lie,

Gasoline rainbow reflected in my eye.


‘Twixt mushroom and toadstool,

I cannot, but try to understand…

Truth is only an illusion, devised by man.

With lit match, Death now makes a fool.


Two into one… now undone.



© 2011 – Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw.  May not be reprinted without permission.  Please direct all inquiries to:  veronicathepajamathief@gmail.com