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On this date in aviation history… January 18, 2005…

The Airbus A380, the world’s largest commercial jet, is unveiled at a ceremony in Toulouse, France.

The first completed A380 unveiled in Toulouse France - 18 January 2005

(Image attributed to de: Benutzer: Xeper)

Airbus A380 - the largest passenger jet in the world.

(Image attributed to Dmitry A Mottl)

The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine jet airliner manufactured by the European corporation Airbus, a subsidiary.  It is the world’s largest passenger airliner. Many airports had to modify their facilities to accommodate the new jetliner.

The A380 made its maiden flight on 27 April 2005 and entered commercial service in October 2007 with Singapore Airlines.

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

(Image attributed to Rolf Wallner)

Toulouse is one of the bases of the European aerospace industry.  Airbus, Galileo (global positioning systems), the SPOT satellite system are headquartered in Toulouse, as well as CNES’s Toulouse Space Centre (CST), the largest space centre in Europe.

Toulouse is a city in the Haute-Garonne department in southwestern France.  It lies on the banks of the River Garonne, 590 km away from Paris.  With over 1,100,000 inhabitants, the Toulouse metropolitan area is the fifth-largest in France.

Toulouse Blagnac Airport

(Image attributed to  – Hynek Moravec)

Transporting A380 components from the port of Bordeaux

(Image attributed to  – Port de Bordeaux)

The Capitole of Toulouse, and the square of the same name with the Occitan cross designed by Raymond Moretti on the ground.

(Image attributed to  Benh Lieu Song)

The fountain in Wilson Square shows the poet Pierre Goudouli

(Image attributed to Mike Peel)

The main Airbus factory in Blagnac near Toulouse, next to Toulouse Airport

(Image attributed to David Monniaux)

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