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On this day in music history… January 6, 1977…

‘EMI Fires Sex Pistols’

I admit to being intrigued at the idea of a ‘sex pistol’… what would it do… how would it work… do you need to register these with the state… is there a waiting period before you can take your sex pistol home?

Turns out the headline was a bit misleading.  Apparently, the story is that the record company EMI terminated their contract with the punk rock group The Sex Pistols.  It appears the label had had enough of the band’s behavior.  Hey, what did they expect?  Punk rock band… late 70’s… drugs… women(maybe even boys?)…excess in everything… Sid and the ‘gang’ weren’t exactly the girl’s choir of St. Elizabeth’s Catholic School for Girls!

Filth and Fury - the Bill Grundy interview-2 December 1976 edition of the Daily Mirror

The Sex Pistols during the shoot for the God Save the Queen promotional video early 1977 Left to right Sid Vicious Johnny Rotten Paul Cook and Steve Jones

Sex Pistols 1

Sex Pistols 2

Sex Pistols 3

Sex Pistols sign with A&M March 1977

The Sex Pistols

The Sex Pistols in performance at the 100 Club 1976

Sid Vicious - Warner Records promo photograph

Sex Pistols - August 2 0 Dallas Music Complex

(The above photographs are in public domain.)